October 23, 2002

Old Poems, dusted off

I drank the dram proffered by profs
dressed in plaid imputing glam
to previously dull subjects to wit:
it seemed plausible to give your life
to a study carol and an obscurity
            like 18th-century economics
amid grand trees and tenured security.


arid as the craterous moon
dry bone dust
borne aloft on directionless winds
across a sparkling venue
to Paradox.

arid as the last tundra
misquitoed details swarm
entracted distractions
piss flies demand
a share of blood
just a small share,
till volumes it becomes.


Throw the shackles
wind the thymes
free the smallness
duc in altum!
Put together beak and
Carraway and find
a seedy bird! be silly as
the created world,
as the three-toed sloth!

Hie thee to the ocean floor
lit by aphorismic animals
indeterminately shaped
neon bodies flashing
like made-up words
they flit about unknown to man.

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