July 29, 2003

Interesting Post from John Miller on The Corner

Frank Buckley of George Mason University replied with a very smart response, drawn from his review of the Jenkins book in Crisis magazine: "When anti-Catholic prejudice is used to advance a left-liberal agenda, we need whistleblowers like Philip Jenkins. Still, one should not get too upset at the liars, scribes, and hypocrites. Apart from senior Democrats or federal court nominees or natural lawyers seeking a job on a law faculty, the chances that anti-Catholic prejudice will closely affect one are exceedingly small. Nor have Catholics suffered for their faith as Jews have, or anything remotely close thereto. There is also an antiwhining ethic among Catholics, unlike their opponents. 'Stop killing us,' yelled the ACT-UP protestors, before they trampled on the Host. Catholics like to think of themselves as tougher than that, and we may therefore take some pride that books such as The New Anti-Catholicism, though useful, are also rare."

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