July 15, 2003

Just Put a Rosary in My Hands ...and say one for me

Fellow Ohioan Jeanne emailed this concerning the following, concerning this tendency of prolonged adolescence:

One reason our culture allowed us to grow up in the past was the sense of responsibility we took on or was placed on us. As we did that, we were brought into the real world of what life is all about. Our culture now tries to keep us perpetually children and it succeeds in many ways. We have sports now which are good to keep the kids occupied because there is no real work to do, but there isn't any quid pro quo in getting anything out of it that helps us grow up. Yes, we learn working with each other and following orders, but our lives don't depend on it. We no longer have a survival society where we have to grup for a living, but an intuitive society which is the opposite. We have to develop other ways of growing up...

I think we tend to grow to the extent it is necessary that they grow. If I play tennis, I'm not getting myself in shape for golf - we only exercise the muscles we need, referring of course to spiritual muscles.

There's a big picture in the paper today of a funeral of a Cleveland Browns fan, and his recliner & Dawg slippers & TV & pennants were all placed in the "chapel" next to his coffin at the visitation. It depressed me, and I wasn't sure why. Maybe because he never grew up? Or maybe because it trivializes death, the very moment we are most likely to think religious (instead of sporting) thoughts?

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