July 16, 2003

Update to Bone Update

Talked to Bone and he says that the production company in question is well-known in the industry and has produced and released dozens of movies. They specialize in resurrecting dead franchises (that is they deal in sequels to sequels). Since Bone's script is a sequel, it looks tailor made. They are cheap to produce, they don't bring in a lot of money, but they would give him a foot in the screenwriting door.

He's 35 pages into a second screenplay about an extremely frugal guy. "Autobiographical?", he answered of course! This is going to be a killer script and something I'd like to be writing because it writes itself! I mean he gets to write about the modern corporation - like the time at our old company we had to go into a room and paint ourselves to discover our inner something or other. Or the time we played this "interaction exercise" that involved squatting and allowing someone else to sit on our lap to "build trust" (I'm not sure why having a young woman you don't know sitting on your lap builds trust, but then I'm not paid the big bucks). It's Dilbert on the large screen. Plus he gets to write about his sublime cheapness, like the "urine only" toilet he's infamous for. Finally I figure prominently (too prominently!) in that I'll be one of the characters in it, the staunch Catholic to his devout Protestant. A veritable fertile crescent of material!

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