August 08, 2003

Patronal Thoughts

It's a deep, dark, closely-held secret that my wife is more handy at home repairs than me. My role is to stand by and ask, "How about if I just blam it?" - in other words apply brute force to a problem where intelligence and subtley might be more effective (if less satisfying). It's not that I couldn't be better at it*, it's that I don't want to. How something works is infinitely boring compared to why it works, just as how the world began is infinitely less interesting than why it did.

My desire to use force in home repairs occurred to me as I listened to the gentle voices of the Dominicans on their founder's feast day, singing a Latin hymn; as did Thomas Jefferson's advice to "take things always by their smooth handle".

Our infinitely strong God is a God of breathtaking gentleness. An oxymoron to ponder. "The Force be with you" gets it exactly wrong.

*Just unlikely.

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