August 27, 2003

Three Degrees of Separation

One of the joys of the internet is how close you can get to previously completely unavailable folks. (Another is its unpredictability - I recall that three years ago or so Shelby Foote commented on his Civil War triology on, complete with his email address and a misspelled word. Because he had mentioned money, it ran true. It was also removed, presumably by authorial request, a few months later. I like to think that ol' Shelby had knocked down a few too many whiskeys while compulsively checking his book rankings and had to add his two cents). Anyhow, I digress. No one can digress like the Irish...I recall stopping for a pint outside Sligo and-- nevermind.

So, with blogs, you may have someone read your blog who keeps a blog that is read by someone else who keeps a blog read by a third party - perhaps Kevin Bacon himself. For example, it is possible though unlikely that Mark Shea has read this blog. That's one degree of separation. And who has read his blog? The inestimable Fr. Richard Neuhaus. And who has read Fr. Neuhaus's writings?

Rod Dreher. I am only three degrees from Rod Dreher. Yippee! (Just teasing Rod, if you've Google-searched your way here).

Fructus Ventris has a post on how you know you've made it in blogdom. By her definition this blog hasn't (note that I separate myself from this blog, it's the blog's fault not mine). But I actually revel in the anonymity. I can be much more uninhibited although admittedly more self-indulgent. Hopefully there are posts which are of some value even if it not be this particular one...

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