August 18, 2003

Vacational Thoughts Deux

The vacation is o'er. Back to reality.

My initial plan was to read the great works of literature. Dante, Shakespeare as well spiritual classics like Karol Wojtyla "Love & Responsibillity". And it started out that way, but by Tuesday afternoon I was becoming unloving and irresponsible.

I switched gears and went the more traditional way (for me): double the exercise and double the pint intake. I usually drink on Fridays, but extended the largesse. Besides, doubling the exercise without the beer usually just makes me sick. It's a joke around the family compound that I always get a cold or flu on vacations because I overdo it. I don't know why bike rides, long runs, roller-blading would cause that, but I inadvertently found the cure. Drinking two to three beers before bed works amazingly well. I rarely get colds on vacations now! For once the old saying "for medicinal purposes only" rings true.

But I have a new theory of beer imbibing. I'm not a mean drunk, just a mean 1-beer man.

Two recent trivial episodes expose this: I got urinated off, quite unnecessarily, by my stepson's death penalty views. This happened with one beer in me.

I also got peeved a couple months ago at a close relation and didn't slough it off. This also happened with one beer in me.

(Come to think of it, in both episodes the beer in question wasn't a Guinness...that could be the root cause).

Teetotaling is okay. So is having 3.5 beers. But one beer!? Watch out!

Remembrance of Bike Rides Past

Fêting the sun-gardens of the mind
poems broke and bled
unwound on transcendental rides
past the sweet-apple hay-thrown flower-frothing stumps
that appeared on those spark-lit August roadsides.

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