October 31, 2003

Da Vinci Code

Amy describes the growing popularity of the Da Vinci Code and I think she's on to something:
My fundamental distress with this whole matter is what has happened, when you get down to it, is how this whole phenomenon works to distract the world from the truth of Jesus. Be interested in Jesus as a figure in esoteric hypothesizing. Let yourself be fascinated by conspiracy theories and be taken in by flawed logic and historical fantasizing.
I know young people who are fascinated by the Gospel of Thomas but have never read or shown interest in the canonical gospels. I think we can all fall prey, of course, to what is beguiling rather than what is real. As another blogger put it so eloquently: "Most people would not even cross the street to witness an unobtrusive act of patience being put into practice, but they will cross an ocean to visit the locale of an alleged apparition." That's not to suggestion the apparition isn't real, but it is beguiling and can distract if not put in a larger context.

Some Christians-by-birth look to Buddhism or Zen or eastern religions in part because the faith they grew up with is not 'exotic' enough. I fall prey similarly by missing God right in front of me all the time.

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