October 23, 2003

Like Children Playing

My uncle Mark is an environmentalist of first order. His ardor for things natural has been intense for over forty years, ever since his first issue of National Wildlife magazine arrived (pornography for nature lovers).

We were discussing the possibility of drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Alaska and he said "it doesn't matter if no one is there or even ever goes there - knowing that an utterly unspoiled place exists gives me joy."

I thought of his words while reading Hernan Gonzalez's post, which was inspired by this picture:

(Orginally in Spanish; translated here roughly via Babelfish:)
"For me it is a joy and a consolation; like that one feels like when seeing children playing, but more stop and better; or, to put an example in the other end: like the one to have a feeling the happiness of God distantly, and to be glad of that.

And when they leave the objetores to object that "I against the nuns do not have anything; but that works, that helps the patients, that they do something; nuns who only say... why serve " ... they give desire to answer - badly-that to only see them, only knowledge that they are, she cheers to us and she gives forces us; although only outside for that - but she is not for that -, even measured in terminos that inmanentes, already they would be more useful than anyone of these objetores, in general so activists in the ideas as sterile in works." --HJG

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