October 30, 2003

Paglia Post

The Camille Paglia post suprised some, which surprised me. I thought much of what she said was self-evident (if you're sufficiently masochistic, read the random stream of "most recently updated" links on blogger.com). She is admittedly brilliant and interesting. But only relatively; i.e. not compared to God. It seems some gratitude might be in order by our providing contrast! :)

What bothers me is her disparagement of words, but Paglia is coming at it from her worship of all things Italian. (How else to explain her Madonna fetish?) Italians love spectacle - opera, fashion and the visual. Images strip-mine the imagination - if the movie was better than the book then the book wasn't that good.

But then I'm of Irish extract. And the Irish aren't know for art or spectacle right?

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