October 30, 2003

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

'Since the first Pope we have not Petered out.'......'You got Tradition in my Scripture. You got Scripture in my Tradition. Two great tastes together at last.' --Jeff Miller of Curt Jester, offering possible Catholic Church mottos after hearing of the Episcopal Church's 'We're here for you'.

What I want is a living will that says, "Please don't kill me, even if saving my life entails getting someone get off his lazy ass to put a feeding tube in my stomach." I suppose doctors used to assume that patients wanted to live, but after seeing the Terry Schiavo fiasco I think a legally-binding document saying "Please don't kill me" might come in handy. --Bill of Summa Minutiae

The Russell Kirk story was the inspiration behind our getting rid of broadcast television nine years ago. The point is that you can't be a real conservative without a healthy aversion to television and the "virtual reality" industry. Does this include the internet and St. Blog's parish? Yes, I believe it does. - Jeff Culbreath of Elcamino Real

The first couple years after initiation, I didn't feel the burden of carrying the Cross as much as I do now, but then, my love for Christ was not as strong then either, it was more a feeling of gratitude. - commenter Ben on Swimming the Tiber

Just as the illiterate cannot read books like those who are literate, neither can those who have refused to go through the commandments of Christ by practicing them be granted the revelation of the Holy Spirit like those who have brooded over them and fulfilled them and shed their blood for them. --St. Symeon, The Discourses, Discourse 24

I've told my wife that I have no objections at all to being a burden on her or on anyone else, but I may be in the minority on this. Almost everyone I've heard express an opinion has, in essence, recoiled in horror at the thought of being physically helpless. Very often, they say they would hate to lose their dignity by needing others to feed and bathe them....But here's the thing: The dignity you can lose isn't much worth holding onto. True human dignity is part and parcel of true human nature. That cannot be lost; it can only be failed to be recognized. --Tom of Disputations

I started thinking of despair, and of Denethor, because I was reading the new issue of Crisis. Now I like Crisis, but if I read too much at once, it begins to speak to my lack of hope by revealing the many weaknesses in the Church and the strengths of her enemies. I am tempted, like Denethor, to exclaim “Against the power that has arisen there can be no victory!” As the Psalmist says, “If I had said ‘I will speak thus,’ I would have been untrue to the generation of thy children” (Ps 73:15). It’s hard, but every now and then I get a glimpse of what is unseen.... If I could maintain that vision, I should be, I think, psychologically incapable of despair or any other sin. - Henry of Plumbline in the Wind

Florence King has remarked that she is ultimately less suited to writing fiction than to writing non-fiction, because she cares more about what people think than about what they do. -- Eve Tushnet's friend 'The Rat'

God wants that my soul is saved...I must obedience to God. These are the two certainties....
1. Since God wants my salvation, I must obey it (to obey it to save my soul).
2.Since I must fulfill its will, then, I must try my salvation (to save my soul to obey it).
Second she is purer ... (Simone Weil says).
Naturally, this is closely together of its other annotation "If my eternal salvation were on this table as if outside an object, and did not have more to extend the hand to take it... I I would not make it without have received the order"... and that it is as well a species of answer - unexpected to the last paragraph of the ethics of Spinoza. - Hernan of Fotos

For one who is virtuous, who has a well-formed conscience and is able to act with prudence in difficult moral situations, it is indeed possible to act swiftly and without delay or ponderous consideration of what moral precepts are involved and at stake. I certainly don't dispute this nor do I doubt that many truly virtuous folks have responded appropriately in some of the current cases in the news...But, frankly, there has been a kind of lurching about. Folks from all sides are getting white-hot about events in the media that most have no personal knowledge of. --Mark of Minute Particulars

When I went back to Portland earlier this year I would say that it is even more permeated with new age religions then it was before. The majority of signs and bumper stickers reflected a spirituality based around nature worship. I felt totally out of place and like a intruder there. Spiritually and politically the place was like antimatter to me and I felt like at any moment while walking down the street that people would point at me and scream like the aliens did in the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." - Jeff Miller of Curt Jester

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