December 23, 2003

On Grace
You do not see your glory, and yet it is within you. If you have an unpolished diamond, you do not yet see how precious and beautiful it is, though it has the same value now as when it is polished. Likewise the beautiful and divine perfection, which grace communicates to you, is within you, hidden and concealed.

As long as you do not see God face to face, you cannot see the image of His Divine Nature in you. Grace is, so to speak, the dawn of the light of the Divine Sun; you must only wait till this Sun rises. Your glory will delight you the more, the longer it has remained hidden from you. Until then, you must, according to the words of St. Paul, walk by faith and not by sight, believing the unfailing promise of God.

In grace you have the pledge - indeed, the root - of your future glorification in soul and body. If you still sigh in the servitude of the flesh, if you still feel depressed by suffering and frailty, sigh with the Apostle after the freedom and glory of the children of God, when even your flesh will partake in the spiritual qualities of the glorified soul.

The Glories of Divine Grace, Fr. Matthias Scheeben

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