February 24, 2004

The Eighteen State, 10% Rule

Tim Russert mentioned this morning that 32 states are locked up for the Nov. '04 election. If Bush doesn't win Utah, for example, he won't win anywhere. Of the eighteen, Russert specifically mentioned Ohio, the pluperfect battleground state. Of the eighteen, 90% have their mind made up. That leaves 10% undecided in eighteen states. A billion dollars in campaign money to sway those 10% in those eighteen states.

Meanwhile the quixotic campaign of Ralph Nader has begun again. Amid the sound of popping corks, one hears the plainsong Bush campaign chant: "Ralph Nader, he's our man! If he can't help us, no one can!"

Saw Governor Ahnold on "Meet the Press" Sunday and detected a strong whiff of "I vants to be President" about his person. I hope the bill allowing foreign-born citizens to run for president doesn't pass. Schwarzneggar would not only be of no use on the pro-life issue but would dwarf, literally and symbolically, any other Republican primary candidate. The more successful he is, the more his socially liberal views will become popular within the party, which means the more his views will predominate in American politics, since the Democrats have abdicated reason as well as responsibility. Guiliani is the same. All the charismatics in the Republican party are pro-abort. I hope I'm wrong, but President Bush has the scent of "Our Last Stand" about him, politically-speaking.

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