August 02, 2004

Randomized Thoughts

A priest at our parish made an excellent point which I already "knew" but rarely sinks in: what does it say about God that He who created the universe was completely fulfilled anyway. Contemplate that. He created us not to complete himself, not to in any way amuse himself, not to make him fuller, which is exactly what I feel when I create something. The tendency to anthropomorphize is rentless and though we are trained to “put ourselves in another’s shoes” we can’t put ourselves in God’s shoes because his thoughts are foreign to ours.

Trousered Ape offers his Apologia Pro Blog Sua. I've been awed by how much smarter and better read many St. Bloggers are than me. The tendency to believe those who smarter and more well-read is tempting, but recall that it was intellectuals who gave us & defended Marxism. Ted Koppel was asked a question, “after so many years of reporting and thinking and increasing your knowledge, what can you share with us that you have discovered about the human condition?” or words to that effect. Ted laughed and said the saying that journalists know more than they tell is false. It’s actually the opposite – they tell more than they know. His modesty was becoming. He went on to say that his intelligence his years of being on the front-line of history has given him nothing special in the way of clarity or wisdom.

I recall a philosophy professor giving this advice to a young student struggling to find truth, which went something along the lines of: don't be a wildcat during your search. In other words, he knew personal virtue was an aid to discerning truth. And that is why a great intellect combined with great holiness is so attractive and charismatic, and why I've always been fascinated by St. Thomas Aquinas and suspect he batted in the upper one percentile in the truth standings. Similar with our Pope, who was against both the Gulf and Iraq wars, which is why defenders of either war have a burden of proof to overcome.

The paradox is that we are driven to thirst for beauty and yet we must see beauty in our fellow wounded human beings who often are not beautiful in any way we can see.

I cherish some of the Old Testament accounts that are weird or sound wrong to me because if it doesn’t “sound like God” then that means God is condescending to work with the Israelites - where they are. And so will he with us.

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