January 18, 2005

Angels & Humans

Listened to a Scott Hahn tape in the car yesterday. He discussed why Satan fell despite the gifts of great intellect and perfect rationality. And the answer Hahn and some of the early Fathers offer is that angels were given the assignment of serving man, a vastly inferior being. This wasn't rational. There was a hierarchy and order of beings and God seemed to be flipping things by wanting angels to give man the aid necessary to fulfil our destiny - which was eventual equality with the angels. The lack of rationality in God's request, the not knowing why God was doing this, required faith on the angel's part. Serving someone above (i.e. God) is easier than serving someone inferior, and that pride led to Satan's fall. In a far more dramatic way God flipped things again by coming to earth in the Incarnation and dying for us. Pretty creative theological explanation and more satisfying than just the vanilla non serviam.

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