August 17, 2005

Blogging About Our Animals .... so you don't have to

His mouth is pregnant with half-dead locust. He carries and presents it for our viewing pleasure, its long transparent wings and ugly wide body a specimen worthy of our attention. He stalks them with feline delicacy, lifting his paws far above the grass as if disdainful of what he might step in, like Felix Unger making his way through Oscar Madison's room. Then he has this little hunch and he puts his paws together as if in prayer before his Pounce de Leon.

Our dog has some sort of tickle spot on his back such that scratching it results in his doing an Irish jig on the kitchen floor. His paws come with nails which makes it sound like a tap dance. We sing: "doggy-dance, doggy-dance, dog-e-dance!"

The neighbors have this sharp little path. Our pets sometimes stray here.   Posted by Picasa

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