August 23, 2005


Beauty is experienced as a pleasurable good, as something that is pleasant to experience, as something that satisfies the appetite. But we often misapprehend a pleasurable good as a useful good, as something that is good because it lets us acquire some further good. We don't always recognize, for instance, that looking at the physical beauty of another person ought to suffice; the pleasure of apprehending a beautiful human body is itself the good we are apprehending, not the opportunity to use the beauty of the body to obtain some other, carnal good. This idea is at least consistent with the fact that so many people find the beauty of nature conducive to contemplation in a way the beauty of other people is not. In general, the sight of a green tree against a blue sky is not perceived as the means to some other good. - Tom of Disputations

I once attended an open forum facilitated by someone who, for better or worse, had been put in charge of Catholic Ministry to Young Adults in the diocese of Wellington. At one point in the evening, he asked everyone what we thought the Church could offer to young people. When my turn came, I said: "Old people."

...(Haven't they noticed that hundreds of thousands of youth are gathering in Cologne right now, ready to rock with an old man in his seventies? People, get a clue . . .) - Sancta Sanctis (do go read the whole post)

After reading various efforts in recent months of blog-poetry, I debut with my own poem - written at least 25 years ago. My 10th grade English teacher thought it had more depth than I had. I had scribbled to complete an assignment as the teacher walked in the room. It is a Haiku:
The balancing branch
It may fall when I pass by
Think I'll take my chanc's
---J Curley of Bethune Catholic

On one of the days, we used this song, brilliantly composed by Jessica (with a little help from her friends) to the tune of "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)," and sung by Holly ten (yes, ten) times, as the kids moved through the Learning Centers. Enjoy!
"When he was born, well his mother knew he’d be
Yeah he’d be the one who defended the truth
And she raised him, yes she raised him up to be
A good Christian like good mothers try to do.

But Augustine, didn’t like theology
He liked to drink and party all the long day through
And if you struggle with sins of impurity
St. Augustine’d be the role model for you

But his mother prayed 500 times
And then she prayed 500 more
So he’d be the man who laid 1000 sins
all down at Heaven’s door...

Well Augustine, he wrote many useful things
Telling all the faithful Catholics what to do.
“You are great Lord, and greatly to be praised,
Our hearts are restless, Lord, until they rest in you.”

Because his mother prayed 500 hours
And then she prayed 500 more
So he’d be the man who laid 1000 sins
all down at Heaven’s door

--Emily of "Holy Whapping"

The "total war" state is a fiction created by the defenders of total to explain why they too must be as dirty as those they fight. When I see newsreels of freaky Muslims burning American flags and chanting in some strange Arab jive about the "Great Satan" I think, "Dude, those people suck." But the fact that people suck, or their parents suck, or their children suck, does not render them combatants. - commenter Loudon on Amy's blog

'Nobody can prove the existence of God - otherwise faith would be meaningless' ...stands in direct contradiction to the doctrine of the Catholic Church: "1. If anyone says that: the one, true God, our creator and lord, cannot be known with certainty from the things that have been made, by the natural light of human reason: let him be anathema." -- Zippy refuting a commenter on Amy's blog

Nota Bene: I know perfectly well what is meant by "the Christ of faith" and "the Jesus of history". I have staked the purpose of my life, my very existence, on the proposition that the two are identical. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. - Patrick of Orthonormal Basis

If, as the headline writer interprets him, he means displaying crucifixes, before we get to government buildings, I'd suggest we start with our church at St. Al's....In practice, we have a crucifix on Good Friday, and the rest of the year Jesus and the Amazing Liturgical Color Dreamcoat. - Terrence Berres

I have always wanted to be one of those clean desk people...But this desk? It's fallen prey to the forces that infest every flat surface in my house: Horizontal Magnetization. No matter how I struggle, my flat surfaces become immediately stacked up with stuff. - MamaT of Summa Mamas

"I am happy to be with them, to confirm their faith and to enliven their hope," [the Pope] added. That statement is striking, and an answer to those who fret about celebrity worship and wonder why the Pope-focus. He knows why he's there. - Amy Welborn

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