August 21, 2005

A Short History of STG

STG began as a humble one-man operation and has expanded into teams of researchers combing millions of blogs for quotable quotes. Nah, it's still a humble one man operation.

I come by it honestly, the desire to cull quotes is apparently inbred. I still own an index card file full with quotes culled & pasted from newspapers or magazines. (Effect hoary old man voice) - that's what we used to do when I was a kid, back before the Internet.

My great-great grandfather Milligan left his children a valuable collection of postage stamps as well as large books of hand-written quotes; the kids fought over the stamps except for my great grandfather who went with the quotes. I'm poor for this reason. (This paragraph is fictional.)

Wayne Gretzky says you miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take and I miss 100% of the posts I don't read so don't hesitate to send nominations for STG inclusion, though publication is not guaranteed.

Fine Print: STG not available in Oregon.

UPDATE: "You're more than just STG to us, Tom! - Mary at St. Blog's Parish Hall .. Isn't she sweet?

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