November 20, 2005

Sermon Notes

The sermon from Luke at the Byzantine liturgy was about a man who was given many blessings but was called a "fool" by our Lord for his life was required of him that very day:
"Some gospel readings scare me. Today's scares me.

The farmer in this reading wanted an early retirement. That's all.

All of us in here our blessed. If we want to be like God, theosis, then we have to act like God. And God gives his blessings away.

We are meant to give away our blessings. We cannot keep them. As soon as we receive them we must get rid of them.

Did God keep his blessing to himself? No he gave us his greatest blessing, his Son.
Does God give us only part of his Holy Spirit? No he gives us the full Spirit.

Jesus taught us this out of love, not to threaten. He is warning us of danger."

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