November 30, 2005

Well you can tell there ain't much in the hopper when I post something like this!:

Blogger Strikes Over Poor Pay / Culbreath-Luse Absence  
- Protest goes unnoticed -

LOGAN,Oh - Blogger TS O'Rama withheld all posts yesterday in protest over low pay, unsatisfactory benefits, and declining post production from Jeff "Hallowed but Postless Ground" Culbreath and Bill "No Apologia for Lack of Posts" Luse.

O'Rama cited no pay and no benefits as part of the reason, but said the catalyst was that Culbreath & Luse weren't reading his blog nor posting to theirs.

"See the black armband with the number 3 with the angel wing in the upper right corner of my blog? That's my tribute to Luse & Culbreath. They're like Dale Earnhardts to me. Well, if I was a NASCAR/Earnhardt fan."

When told another difference is they aren't dead he said, "That's thankfully very true. Actually, when I image searched for black arm bands that's the first one that came up. And one bright spot is Steven Riddle is still posting."

There have been no reports of concern over the strike. One fellow St. Blogger had to be told of it, replying: "A one day strike? That's like calling two hours without food a 'fast'. I hadn't noticed to be quite honest."

Other bloggers joining the strike appear to be Thomas P. Kreitzberg of Disputations and Roz N. Bag (she likes baseball) of Exultet / In Dwelling, though their lack of posting could be merely coincidental. There were no black armbands on their templates as of Wednesday morning.

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