December 30, 2005

My Natural Cure

So my mom and I went to the bookstore the other day and she's looking at this book called "Natural Cures" (my aunt has cancer and is on the fence regarding chemo...your prayers* always gratefully received) and the book is off the charts radical. The author (not an M.D.) is like a Baptist preacher: "agin it". Against everything I like. Pork, he says, is an abomination. Pigs eat their to put this delicately....waste product, so eating pork is a major assault on your body. Similar tap water, flouride, chlorine, pop/soda, sunglasses, SPF lotion, etc.., etc... He said that you should never bathe or shower in tap water nor have anything come in contact with your skin that which you would not consume. (Perhaps it escapes the author's notice that no one gets out of this world alive.) But at least he has the good sense to realize that beer and wine are better for you than pop.

So what is good for you? He says walking and laughter. So I told my mom to go walk to the humor section and get a Dave Barry book and maybe it'll conteract all that tap water she drinks.

* - while on the subject, if you could pray for a dear friend who hates her dying husband and withholds forgiveness, I'd appreciate it.

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