January 31, 2006

Politics & Religion

Here's a master of the obvious statement: writing about political issues is a massive draw in the blogosphere. The heaviest hitters are political scribblers like Instapundit and Little Green Footballs, to name but two. One of the most popular among St. Blog's is the inimitable Kathy Shaidle, whose blog is a mix of religion and right-leaning politics. She writes (they say it ain't braggin' if you're tellin' the truth):
[It] just keeps going and going, btw. As this blog moves into its 6th year, January 2006 turned out to be its busiest month ever, with over 41,000 uniques. That's a 20% increase over the previous month, and more than 100% more traffic than this time last year.
I used to think that it wasn't a good idea to mix politics on a religious blog (though of course I do it -- see my blog title for the explanation). My thinking was that it's not good for a political party, or economic opinions, to become associated in some minds with Christianity since Christianity is apolitical and it will just urinate off all those whose politics are different. No need to turn off a percentage of your audience, right? But sometimes I wonder if it can't be a sort of crude apologetics tool. Curt Jester is a stalwart conservative and a papist while my brother-in-law is a stalwart conservative and a non-believer. I sent my bro-in-law a link to one of Curt Jester's funnier political posts since it cain't hurt to have him (my brother-in-law) nosing around the good Jester's site, can it? If Mr. Jester's site was all religion I wouldn't be able to do that. Who knows if there are conservatives who happen across the ever witty Kathy Shaidle's site and begin to form a more positive view of Catholicism? With her kind of numbers you never know...

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