January 30, 2006

Post-Trip Thoughts

I always enjoy posting trip logs in part because I can bury any embarrassing commentary or disclosures in the mass of the thing. It always surprises me that people actually read them since I figure the length will daunt most people, per design. I figure only the hardy soul(s) who appreciates what I write will take the time to read it. It's funny and ironic when a trip log, like the one just posted, gets a larger audience than expected. But of course I'm obviously quite flattered and glad it did. And what a compliment.

Vacation time affords a time of reflection, a fertile period for assembling a life narrative. That sounded awfully '70s didn't it? Stand by for a quote from Eric Berne or use of the word journal as a verb. My temperament has always been conservative, since it's long been obvious that we live in a fallen world (as anyone growing up in the Lord of the Flies environment of the typical grade/high school ought know). Life is fraught with unintended consequences (see Bush's Iraq policy) and I’ve long been wary of heaping too much on the frame of mind and soul, not wishing to foolishly test their maximum limit. I’ve never been fond of tempting God, of taking on risky adventures without some sort of mandate.

It’s folly to take Zmirak's “The Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Good Life” too seriously but it is funny, and anything humorous usually has the ring of truth. And the point made serially within is that you don’t want to keep too high a profile with God lest you be chosen. And you know who gets chosen right? Prophets, apostles, the Jews, Jesus, etc… And you know what happens when you get chosen don’t you? You suffer outrageously. But it occurred to me that I don’t know how you keep a “low profile” with a God with whom you talk to and receive in the Eucharist. It’s like keeping a low profile with your wife, with whom you talk with and have intercourse with. Nearly impossible. The best you can be is be honest.

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