February 16, 2006

Happened Across...

..this review contra "The Miracle Detective", which attempted to explore the authenticity of the visions at Medjugorje:
Similarly, much apparently impressive medical evidence is put forward in support of the visionaries, but the crucial point, that supernatural visitations cannot be determined by scientific methods, has not been grasped by Sullivan. There is no way that a genuine seer can be scientifically detected with 100% accuracy, any more than a consecrated host can be differentiated from an unconsecrated host scientifically. Discernment is an essentially spiritual process, and while scientific tests may be able to uncover cases involving mental illness or hallucination, they are incapable of determining whether or not a person is a genuine seer—or a fraudster for that matter. Only the Church can give us a degree of moral certainty about these things.

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