February 17, 2006


Read this link from Amy, and one commenter said, "Shaken? It makes a good headline but seems a bit melodramatic. By definition, religious faith requires some voluntary suspension of disbelief."

The post reminded me how in the past I've always been very supportive of Christian fundamentalists who take a literal view of Genesis (i.e. the earth was made in 7 literal days and dinosaur bones were tossed about to test our faith) because I'd always thought it's better to error on the side of credulity than incredulity. But that doesn't take into account the scandal to the Christianity that ensues in the minds of unbelievers. They are apt to tar the Christian religion as incompatible with science. For example, the agnostic who wrote "Under the Banner of Heaven" said that Mormons are unfairly targeted as being irrational merely because their irrationality has occurred in recent times, when these things can be documented.

Of course we all give scandal in other ways, so I should be far more concerned with my own scandal-giving.

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