February 15, 2006

Random Thoughts

MamaT thanked me for STG'ing the quote via Terrence Berres which highlighted our Christian duty to get enough sleep. I'm hoping for a similar duty to drink beer, though I'm not holding my breath.

~ (official delimiter of the 2006 Olympic Games)

In a negative review of Randall Sullivan's "The Miracle Detective", the reviewer said that Sullivan's prose is self-absorbed and hence it's not surprising it would appeal to a self-absorbed generation. But if you're self-absorbed why do you appreciate other's self-absorption? Isn't that "other-absorption"? *grin*

The explosion of Catholic blogs is amazing. I can't read but a fraction, which means that STG grows ridiculously non-representative of the whole. One of the more attention-getting names on that list is You Duped Me Lord, the blog of a seminarian who writes, "Thanks to all who nominated You Duped Me Lord (and me -- am I my blog, is my blog myself?) for Best Blog by a Seminarian."

Ralph McInerny writes about his writing life in the latest issue of First Things. He begins, "It is the rare reader of fiction who does not at some time or other consider becoming a writer."

Fiction only? I think it affects all avid readers. After all, sometimes you can put more fact in fiction. Carlos Eire, author of "Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy" said that he can say many things in fiction that he wouldn't dare in non-fiction.

But self-expression isn't the point, which is easy to forget but which McInerny reminds us. He says the plot is a story's soul and "producing a well-made story is all that counts." (Score one for Ham o' Bone!)

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