February 28, 2006

'Round the 'Sphere

Dominican Students have penned articles here, including this on parents and piety:
St. Thomas Aquinas likens the reality that exists between a parent and child to that between God and His human creature. This is no empty metaphor: there is a real similarity! In the Saint’s language, “Man is debtor chiefly to his parents… after God.” St. Thomas actually teaches that, after God, it is to our parents (and country) that we must first and foremost give thanks for our existence. Evidently, there is a parallel between the way one shows devotion or thanksgiving to one’s parents and the same to God.

When love is authentic and selfless it erupts beyond sentiment and thought. Chances are that if I’m a little clumsy in showing love for my mom, I’m also a little lax in showing a duly thankful response to God’s call. Spirituality is, after all, a kind of morality: desiring what is good involves doing good.      - Br. Bruno M. Shah, O.P.
Lenten Thoughts from a homeschooling mom.

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