February 15, 2006

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...is dedicated to Elena, Rich, Thomas, Suburban Bansheee, Ham, Jeanine, former Buckeye Steven and all you other proud Ohioans out there. From Henry Howe:
A song most widely sung is that entitled “The Hills of Ohio” by Alexander Auld. He was born in Milton, Pa., and came to Ohio in 1822, when a child of six years...The words are not original with Mr. Auld, but were set to music and largely sung by emigrants in the early years of this century.
THE HILLS OF OHIO  ...From “The Key of the West” by Alex. Auld.

1. The hills of Ohio, how sweetly they rise,
In the beauty of nature to blend with the skies;

When fair azure outline, and tall ancient trees,
Ohio, my country, I love thee for these.

2. The homes of Ohio, free fortuned, and fair,
Full many hearts treasure a sister’s love there;

E’en more than they hill-sides or streamlets they please,
Ohio, my country, I love thee for these.

3. God shield thee, Ohio, dear land of my birth,
And thy children that wander afar o’re the earth;

My country thou art, where’er my lot’s cast,
Take thou to they bosom my ashes at last.

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