March 17, 2006

Parade Thoughts

Twas a crisp, sunny St. Patrick's Day, perfect for a parade, but I'd lost track of the time and hustled there late and missed about half of it. The most grevious loss was the beloved Ancient Order of Hibernians, Patrick Pearse Division. I'm not a joiner by nature, but if asked they would prove the exception. The other Columbus area Irish group is the Shamrock Club, and I was surprised to hear that their "Irishman of the Year" was Judge John Connor, a judge who has been arrested for DUI eight times and convicted thrice. He also made the O'Reilly show (Bill called him "America's worst judge", which, if you think about it, is really saying something) because he allowed a man who raped two children off with only probation. Connor excused the man by saying "had a disease" like himself.

In contrast, the Ancient Order of Hiberians usually pick some soul devoted to charitable causes while, at the same time, taking care of his eight or nine children. I kid thee not, some of these Irishmen or Irishwomen of the year get more done before 9am than I do in a year.

So I took my place on the parade route next to a large group of children, eyeing the competition. I had size on them if not speed. Shortly thereafter the local firemen came by throwing out candy and we were off! One threw chocolate wrapped in gold paper and I dove, ala Pete Rose, head first in order to beat a young ruffian bent on the same object. I came up battered and bruised but a chocolate coin richer. (Of course I jest, I made no mad scrambles for any candy but was amused by the kids.)

It's interesting that politicians are so prevalent in the parade. They apparently think this use of their time is worthwhile, which means that they believe that some people vote based simply on the fact that they saw this person in the parade. Certainly doesn't give democracy a good name, does it? I was amused that none of them identified their party affliliation on their placards. No need to turn off a potential voter, 'eh?

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