April 12, 2006

Theory of Everything

What do Hollywood, Enron, and The Da Vinci Code have in common? The collapse of the American work ethic, a topic not personally foreign though Bone does say I do the work of ten men. (I wonder if he's being facetious?)

Let me 'splain. The trend in Hollywood is sequels. They're doing a remake of Baywatch if'n you can believe that. (Californians do believe in recycling.) Surely a sequel to Baywatch is a sign of the Apocalpse though. And why recycle plots and characters? Because it requires less work.

The Da Vinci Code. Brown's book is alluring because if Jesus was married then the canonical gospels can't be trusted. If the canonical gospels can't be trusted then the gospel's demands on us can't be trusted. If the gospel's demands can't be trusted then we can slough off those demands and seek our ease.

Enron. Enron found a way to make money (on paper) without making anything of value. They were able to perform arbitrage-ic feats of monetary gymnastics in order to please - for a fiscal quarter or two - Wall Street. The reason Wall Street must be pleased quarterly is because investors aren't patient. The reason investors aren't patient is they want to make the quick buck. The reason they want to make the quick buck is they don't want to work.

Here insert that Latin phrase that means that the point has been proven. I'm too lazy to look it up.

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