April 23, 2006

Word Among Us Meditation

Interesting, concerning Aquinas. I guess it shouldn't be surprising, but it was to me:
Doubt is a human reaction. Even the saints had doubts. The great doctor of the church, St. Thomas Aquinas, once sighed to God, “I do not know if you love me, or if I love you. . . . I do not even know if I live by faith!” Or recall the other “doubting Thomas” who wouldn’t believe unless he could put his finger into the wounds of the risen Christ (John 20:25).

Jesus sometimes challenged his disciples to have greater faith. But he never discouraged them from bringing their doubts and fears to him. When they did, he always gave them the help they needed. Consider his response to his disciples in today’s passage: “Touch me and see” (Luke 24:39). He even ate in front of them to dispel their suspicion that he might be a ghost or a figment of their imaginations. He was more than willing to help them put their fears to rest.

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