May 01, 2012

Hierloom Spanning the Globe

From six years ago tomorrow, here's a special heirloom edition of STG:

Spanning the Globe to Bring You the Constant Variety of Posts

Constantine was the first astronaut, also, although the U.S. government has been suppressing the evidence Neil Armstrong found proving the emperor went to the moon in 322. After enjoying a picnic lunch in the Sea of Tranquillity (he left behind a ceramic decanter bearing his imperial insignia), he got the idea to take over the Christians and make them all call him Pappy or Papa, or, in Greek, POPE. Upon returning to Earth, he declared all women "constitutionally compromised," mandated that they be raped daily by a Catholic priest, and decreed that all men except a few bishops were inferior to him in wisdom and knowledge of the Bible. He shared power with those few bishops in exchange for land, buildings and war booty. At least 1 billion people died in Europe alone to sate his lust for power...Thanks for nothing, Constantine. - commenter on Amy's blog, spoofing the DaVinci Code

Was listening to National Public Radio sometime last month -- something I don't often do -- and they were discussing the proposed South Dakota abortion law. They said it would ban all abortions except those that would "save the life of the pregnant woman." They couldn't bring themselves to say "life of the mother." - keenly missed Dylan of "More Last than Star", returning after 2+ year blogging absence

In our culture matter is what seems most real to many. Nevertheless, an overriding Nominalism or Neo-Platonism in modern thinking seems to bring with it an implicit rejection of the idea that the non-material realm can affect (much less effect) the material world. At the ID lecture a couple of weeks ago (that I mentioned here), there was a biology graduate student who was interested in learning more about Aristotelian causality. He had never heard of it before. As formal causality was being explained to him, he would laugh out loud. This happened several times. His laughs were not deriding but seemed more out of surprise, in the sense of asking ‘but how’? This is similar to the responses that I get when I teach this idea to my undergraduates, for those who actually grasp the implications any way....Over the next seven posts or so, I will try to address these erroneous presuppositions while showing why Sacraments are real, makes sense, and are exactly what one would expect given human nature. - blogger at "Cosmos, Liturgy and Sex"

Today I was reading a rather uncharitable post at another blog and I was particularly struck by one of the comments in response. A previous commentor had said something along the lines of "people that don't agree with us don't belong in the Church." (yeah, heard that one a few thousand times) To which the following commentor emphatically agreed "got that right," and then went on to say: Happy Divine Mercy Sunday everyone! - Mark of "You Duped Me Lord!"

Divine Mercy flows in the direction toward those who need it most, even if they don't realize how much mercy they need. You have to remember, mercy is defined as being treated better than they deserve. In this case if they can't imagine a church big enough for everyone then they need a lot of mercy. - commenter responding to abve post on "You Duped Me Lord"

God's wrath, throughout history, basically consists of giving us what we want. - Scott Hahn, via Julie of "Happy Catholic"

Here is my challenge to you. Look at the Fathers and the councils and notice how they worked from positions of less to greater clarity. I see how you can say in some instances that as the church matured she was open to new streams of thought, but only to the degree that they illuminated the pre-existing tradition.- Greg Popchak to JCecil (last year)

Too bad Terri Schiavo wasn't an illegal immigrant - title of Curt Jestian post

So, what's God busy teaching me? That I'm small, and He's big. That I have work to set my hands to, whether it's what I would choose or not. That rest is important, and He can handle the world while I get some sleep. (Imagine that.) That prayers don't have to "feel" good to be efficacious and necessary. They just have to be done. That bearing burdens can be a glorious vocation--it's just hard to remember that when you're right in the middle of it! - MamaT of "Summa Mamas"

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UPDATE: Ahh....memories of old time blogs. 2002 list of Christian blogs. Old Oligarch, I hope you're doing well.


Bill White said...

You've given me an idea...

TS said...

Do tell...

I'm thinking it would be neat to take that list of blogs from '02 and see when/if they stopped being updated. Might give a very rough approximation of the half-life of a blog.

MrsDarwin said...

I love this trip down memory lane. It makes me feel young again.

William Luse said...

Six years? I remember that bit from Dylan as if it were yesterday. And I still love it.

TS said...

You have a helluva good memory!