May 29, 2006

"We Praise You For Your Glory"

That line from Sunday's Gloria in Excelsis always leaves me a bit cool. I've always been partial to the line from the Psalm that goes "Praise the Lord for he is good." "Glory" seems to connote impressive special effects while goodness connotes well, love. And I'll take love over special effects any day of the week.

I figured I must be missing. Michael Dubruiel, in The How-To Book of the Mass, explains that God's glory sometimes refers to the Presence of God (Acts 7:55) and writes:
"The thanks we give to God at all times is done because the 'glory of God' is always before us...In worshipping God we participate in this 'glory' in God's Presence."
That makes excellent sense. I'll be mentally substituting "We praise you for your Presence" from now on!

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