June 28, 2006

Russell Kirk & Marty Haugen?

Good post from Pink Logician via Terrence Berres:
I think that he would do well to take a page (well, yet another page) from the Kirks of Mecosta.

The Kirk family attends mass at the local Catholic parish, St. Michael the Archangel in Remus, Michigan. Now, when I lived in Mecosta, I too attended St. Michael's and it was, hands down, the worst worst WORST parish I have ever attended. Ever. Really. We're talking hand motions with worship songs (songs undeserving of the term "hymn"), an ancient keyboardist whose "instrument" seemed constantly stuck on the Whitesnake-album setting, the ubiquitous smiley risen Jesus replacing the crucifix behind the altar, and the processing of a cross (it wasn't a crucifix, by any means) with a figure on it that my husband and I not-so-affectionately referred to as "tiki-head Jesus" and "Easter Island Jesus" by turns.

When I asked Mrs. Kirk why she stayed there at St. Michael's, why she didn't go down to Grand Rapids for a Latin mass or a visit to one of the nicer ethnic churches, she would usually say "It's gotten much better."

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