July 28, 2006

Gratitude for the Church

When I say the Friday beads and think of that glorious font of sacraments, the explosion of Holy Blood that extends and crosses to this very century, I feel a great solace. It’s precisely the universality of the New Covenant that allows one to be patient in times of spiritual dryness because one knows that God is meant for everyone, not just for those experiencing great signs.

Some think that Protestantism has fewer barriers to entry than Catholicism. Strictly speaking perhaps, but I think of Catholicism as a gigantic spring of grace represented by the sacraments, a lifetime of sure conduits, while outside the Faith there are gushers here and there and even then you mostly know them only subjectively. God calls universally for sure. But if Catholicism has a greater barrier to entry I would respectfully submit that Protestantism has greater barriers to completion.

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