July 19, 2006

Post-Medjugorje Post Thoughts

A good line to recall along with "treat every day as if your last" is "treat every post as if it'll get picked up by a popular blogger". Dom was nice enough to have linked to my Medjugorje post and now I wish I'd been more careful, grammatically and otherwise. I don't think this post will get picked up by the AP (the "AP" meaning someone like Amy Welborn or Dom or Mark Shea) so I can relaxx (intentional sic).

I finished Foley's Understanding Medjugorje last night under a self-imposed deadline. (My mom is coming to visit from Cincy this weekend, so I'd planned on giving her the book since she's keenly interested in Medjugorje.) I added a long update to the review here.

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