August 17, 2006

Ahnold Not So Tough

It was interesting to see what would happen when an irresistable force (Arnold Schwarzenegger) met an immovable object (the voters of California - who like their cake and Edith too, meaning gov't spending minus the consequences). And it seems, predictably in hindsight, the immovable object has won (after all, the object never has to be re-elected). So just as the Gingrich Congress crashed and burned when it was blamed for the gov't shutdown of '98, so too have his constituents whipped ol' Arnold into shape. From the latest NR:
Behold the new Arnold, a man bearing little resemblance to the revolutionary who toppled Gov. Gray Davis just three years ago. He’s politically compliant, eager to please, and anxious to avoid a fight. One might say . . . a girlie man. Schwarzenegger has, in the parlance of the Left, “grown.” So has California’s government. In June, the governor signed a $131 billion budget, up 8.4 percent from the year before. Schwarzenegger’s spending plan is 30 percent larger than the one Davis approved in 2003, just before being ousted as a reckless spender.

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