August 24, 2006

Brush With Greatness

J. Potter at Korretiv explains in a meme:
In college, I reread The Moviegoer and Love in the Ruins for classes with the great Percy scholar, John Desmond, wrote one college paper comparing The Moviegoer with Eudora Welty's Optimist's Daughter and another one comparing The Moviegoer with Dostoevsky's Brother's Karamazov.

Without consulting me, my dad sent the latter essay to Percy and got a letter back which read, in part: "Jonathan's piece is quite superior. I enjoyed it. Needless to say, any writer enjoys getting classed with Dostoevsky -- but apart from this, it still is a very sharp paper." Holy shit! That was a great birthday present; thanks, Dad!
The whole post is well worth reading, including a snippet of cummings:
Paris; this April sunset completely utters
utters serenely silently a cathedral
before whose upward lean magnificent face
the streets turn young with rain ...

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