August 28, 2006

Does Size Matter?

It seems elites are entering the blogging (anti-)profession, which I'm in favor of as long as they're "good" elites like Richard Neuhaus or Jody Bottum or Edward Oakes. I'm definitely elitist about my elitists.

But I must take exception to the utilitarianism and unseemly attention paid to numbers as expressed by Oakes here:
Mechanisms that tell the bloggers how many souls visit their sites each day must be, I would imagine, rather mortifying for most of these cyber-opinionators.
Au contaire, my shock at having twenty or thirty consistent readers three months or so into the blogging game shocked me and left me giddy. I suppose everyone has a different number of visitors that would make blogging 'worth it', probably ranging from 1 to 10000. Why should numbers matter? I used to send Ham o' Bone a weekly "journal du jour" and if he were the only reader of this blog then I suppose this would continue in that capacity.

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