August 15, 2006

Fictional Tuesday

I lost my self-absorption yesterday at 3pm. Or was it 2pm? It might've been 4 if I count that 3:58ish thought when I passed a mirror and wondered if I was losing hair. Not that I'm losing hair, mind you, it's just that it looks a little thinner than I remember it. Although I could be losing my memory too.

Wait a second - let me ask Jerry.

"Jerry, when did I lose my self-absorption?"

"Uh, I dunno, this morning?"


He's obviously too self-absorbed to have noticed my sudden lack of self-absorption.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Did I mention that I'm thrilled that I no longer focus on me, myself and I? In fact, I'm quite absorbed with how non-self-absorbed I am. In the past I constantly monitored my actions and reactions but now I only monitor whether I'm monitoring my actions and reactions. This is far more helpful, don't you think?

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