August 17, 2006

Saint o' the Day

Today we remember St. Hiero, an Irish martyr and missionary to Holland, where he was killed in 885:
The Irish monk and evangelist Hiero was martyred in the Netherlands (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia). In art, Saint Hiero is portrayed as a monk with a hawk and sword (Roeder). He is invoked to find lost articles (Roeder).

Amsterdam today

Precious little seems to be internet-available concerning this obscure saint, but it was good to learn what I could about him given my newfound interest in this country of "dams" - Amsterdam and Rotterdam - since my wife happens to be there right now. She says the people are very friendly and accommodating. Found this also:
The fleet, the sea-faring capability of the Dutch is sometimes referred to as "Holland's Glory." But there is a hidden Holland's Glory—the people who contributed by their holy lives to the spiritual welfare of the Dutch people—those whose lives I have written about in this booklet. I was particularly moved by the deep faith of the Martyrs of Gorkum who met their eternal reward by steadfastly holding on to their belief, their faith, in the Real Presence.

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