October 19, 2006

Call Me Motivated    ...but not Ishmael

Call me a motivated voter now.

With recent polls suggesting the Democrats are poised to take over the House and Senate, it don't get no more motivating than that.

My complaints about the Republicans suddenly seems an absurd luxury; nothing galvanizes one's attention quite as effectively the cold water of a worse option.

Most of the Democrat candidates remind me of the way we used to act at bars just before closing time. The girls were drunk and wounded and we were venal opportunists. Principled Democrats would've ran for office when Republicans were strong and sober, not now while they're weak. The almost pluperfect lack of ideas generated by the progressive party only adds to the perception that they want power merely because they like power, i.e. for its own sake. By contrast, in '94 when the Republicans took office they were full of ideas. The Contract with America wasn't just lip service either. They soon enacted most of the ideas contained therein.

Sometimes I wonder if democracy, like Christianity, has ever been tried. At least democracy in the form of a meritocracy rather than simply an elaborate name identification test. Because the two Democratic candidates for office in PA & OH are awful, just truly awful. Profoundly bad. I'm speaking of Sherrod Brown and Bob Casey. They are so inferior to Mike Dewine and Rick Santorum that it beggars the imagination. They are running on their names. The Browns have a history in Ohio politics and the Caseys in PA politics. George W. Bush won because of his father. Hillary is a front-runner because her husband was a president who had an affair and made her a martyr. What's in a name? Nothing. If anything it's a contrary indicator given how different George W. Bush is from his father.

Except in the case of St. Thomas More, it takes an uncynical person to use the word "virtuous" in the same sentence as "politician" but the pastor at a Dominican parish downtown shows his great faith by praying for such. Here are his thoughts in the most recent bulletin:
I remind all of you to register to vote, to be properly informed as to the issues and candidates running for office, and finally to vote on Election Day. The Catholic Church's strong stand against abortion and for Pro-Life issues and candidates should be paramount on your mind when you step into the voting booth. Please join me in praying for good virtuous politicians who will defend the life of our precious unborn children.

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