October 19, 2006

Thomas of ER...

Provides interesting inside look as an employee of a car dealership, the inner workings of which are as shrouded in mystery to me as the local undertaker's:
Next time you're at the local corner car stop-n-go, ask if the Dr Feelgood selling you that well-seasoned cherry cream puff has a current certificate. If not, flee to the hills. Now, any salesman in the business for longer than a couple of years will most likely have at least one complaint on file. Someone will get mad at himself for buying the Hummer Comanchero Model 15x with stowable turret and 15mm canon with Powerglide Recoil (R), and run to the BMV to complain. Still, a consistent history of complaints is a problem. Then there's me - it's as though I fell from the sky and landed across from you, proposal in hand, urging you to 'sign on the line that is dotted'.

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