November 27, 2006

From the 'You Can't Make It Up' Dep't

Shoppers know no obstacles to midnight shopping

A sign of the Apocalypse? This story, about outlet malls opening up at midnight on Thanksgiving, was hyp-mo-tizing:
Traffic was so bad near Jeffersonville that some shoppers sat in their cars and idled for hours, sometimes in lines up to 8 miles long.

Less-patient shoppers parked by the highway, dodged traffic to cross the road and then ran through the fog and darkness in wet grass and mud to scale the fence that separates the outlet mall from the highway.

The eyes have it
I'm amazed once again at the diligence and fire-in-the-belly of the American shopper. I can only look on with drop-jaw'd amazement at the spectacle. The work ethic of these people must be off the charts if they'd do something like drive an hour and shop in the middle of the night. I wouldn't do that for sex or free beer. If it was merely good deals bringing out the shoppers then it seems like they may be living a bit too close to the bone, although Ham o' Bone is frugal enough to drive 30 minutes to save $3. (He gets 55mpg so it's a net plus.) My policy concerning gifts is that if they ain't online, then they don't exist.

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