November 17, 2006

Week in Review Items

  • Made the mistake of checking out The Drudge Report. Learned that some reprehensible person (Judith Regan) is publishing OJ Simpson's book. Pardon me while I vomit. Profiting from crime is a truly horrendous idea.

  • I was oddly discomfited by the watching PBS’s special on Okinawa. At least that’s what led me to google my great uncle, who’d served in WWII. I found nothing about his service to our country but instead found too much information (TMI) about his son, who shares the same name and who is also a devout Catholic. He’s a comer in the union world and is making a healthy $140K as a union leader. The other thing Google told me was that he contributed at least $200 to Hillary Clinton’s 2006 Senate campaign. Ouch. Goethe, phone your office?

  • The weightroom was filled with butane-lighters of girls, with hot flames of skin jutting above halters and peaking below shirts tight and small. One can almost not blame the girls for where can they shop for non-harlot clothes? I suppose they are assuming the shape of their culture as fully as I did mine back in the 80s.
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