November 20, 2006


Well I was planning on blogging about politically correct children's books today but it all seems a bit petty after reading Zippy, which I'd done after ill-advisedly weighing in last night on the pro multis controversy (over on another blogorhythm). Zippy has the proper disposition; a diplomatic and wise take:
Personally I'm just grateful to be there in His presence, no matter what externals obtain. That isn't to say that the externals are irrelevant or unimportant: they are critical. But I find it impossible to be anything but grateful (and a little scared) in the presence of any valid consecration. I can see reasons why "for many" might be catechetically better: specifically because it includes an implicit caution against presumption. But when I am attentive to what is really happening during the consecration, "what are we learning from this" is the last thing on my mind, or certainly feels as though it should be the last thing on my mind. The first thing on my mind is (or ought to be) dumbstruck awe. And the thing which should be inspiring dumbstruck awe isn't the external accidents.

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