December 08, 2006

Artist of Divine Mercy

Tommy Channing writes:
In our secularised culture of today saturated by images of every kind, the term ‘Beauty’ and ‘Image’ are sometimes very nebulous words meaning different things to different people. Due to the advent of the entertainment industry, music, movies, T.V. and magazines, advertising and the Internet, we are seeing a bombardment of images on a daily basis. Many of which promote models of life without God. It has had the cumulative effect of averting our eyes away from the purpose and beauty for which they were created and the One who created them. The images we see can form our attitudes and shape our culture. The advertising industry, mindful of the power of imagery tries to define what is our correct image and what is truly beautiful. But have we become de-sensitised in the process, especially our young people? What about the sense of the Eternal?
Here is his sketch page including one depicting Mary.

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