December 20, 2006


When The Lord of the Rings came out, I spoke at secular universities around the United States and we'd have a talk - the "Tolkien Code" or "Unlocking The Lord of the Rings" - and there'd be 250 or 300 people who would turn up and they would get unadulterated, undiluted Catholic theology for an hour and they would nearly all stay after, agog and amazed. If you put out "Come & Learn About the Catholic Church" twenty would turn up, nineteen of whom would be committed Catholics. So you see the power of the culture to evangelize the culture. If it's true of Tolkien it's certainly true of Shakespeare. People aren't going to stop reading Shakespeare. Now if we can prove and show that Shakespeare was a militant Catholic it forces us to re-read the plays from that perspective. It forces the academy, all over the world, to look at Catholicism in order to understand Shakespeare...Shakespeare, in the culture war, is a weapon of mass reconstruction.

- author Joseph Pearce, at a talk at the Coming Home Conference

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