December 12, 2006

Thoughts Sparked by AH

The Christian, who is doing it right, ought be more composed and at peace than the non-Christian, and sometimes I wonder if that in itself is not part of secular society's disdain for Christians. (Ned Flanders?) My sister and I fought a lot when were children, and what bothered me most was that she seemed to rebound so quickly. Whether she was acting or not, her post-fight composure made me mad.

In Artificial Happiness, Dworkin mentions the case of a couple who continually fought and then made up again and then things changed after she went on Paxil. Her composure made him angrier:
"Fortified with Paxil, she no longer felt the sting of her husband's behavior. On the contrary, whenever conflict looked she just sat in her chair unmoved. Her husband couldn't help but notice this seemingly odd composure, which made him even angrier. The cycle of attack, guilt, and reunion ended..."
Is there a taste of that jealousy today on Annunciations, where someone said:
I get annoyed by people "speaking in tongues," who claim to be "slain by the Holy Spirit," and those who insist on having the so-called "Baptism by the Holy Spirit." Am I, in anyway, offending God for feeling this way toward the charismatics?

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