March 13, 2007

Sean Hannity & Mario Cuomo - Not So Different?

An interesting part of the Hannity shoot-out with Fr. E was how he (Hannity) said several times that he understands the whole country is not Catholic. (Implying apparently that Fr. E missed that newsflash.)

In a sense the pundit and the politician are not so different. Both rely on popularity; the pundit's elections are his ratings. Hannity cannot be "too Catholic" else he would offend his non-Catholic listeners, and he walked close to the "personally opposed" language we hear so often with politicians like Mario Cuomo who don't want to impose their beliefs on others, but then Hannity walked away from it by stating that he doesn't have a problem with artificial birth control.

Sr. Lorraine on Amy's blog said that Fr. E should've said that rather than judging Sean's soul, he should've just pointed out that Hannity was advocating the violation of church teaching. But Sean probably would've repeated that the whole country isn't Catholic and in that reveals he's a pragmatist (hence his "what's worse, abortion or birth control?" query to Fr. E).

* * *

While on the subject of ratings...Bill O'Reilly occasionally does stories he absolutely loathes, such as the Anna Nicole Smith story. The Other Paper recently wrote: "Did you know that Anna Nicole Smith is responsible for a higher percentage of our national GDP than housing construction?" From what I've seen, them's true words.

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